Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 4 & 5 From Yorkton Saskatchewan to

Our 750 KM journey to Kenora to meet up with the National Motorcycle Ride for Dad - 10th Anniversary Celebrations was a cold and over cast one but thankfully we hit no rain!
Our lodgings for the night...
We pulled in to Kenora after going through road construction in Winnipeg and at the Manitoba Ontario border.

We checked in to the Comfort Inn at 8 pm and the gal at the desk directed us to the Days Inn for supper - she told us they had a fabulous restaurant - man was she right!
 We were very gratified that she directed us there not just because the food was so good - the steak sandwich was melt in your mouth tasty but guess who was staying there - 90% of the MRFD crew - the rest of them were staying at our hotel - the Comfort Inn!

After a great gab with Wayne Rostad, Kirk Van Alstyne, Garry Janz, Jeff Johner, Jim Lothian and a whole host of the riders from all over the country - we headed back to our room.

What a treat it is to have Choice Hotels as a sponsor. So far the service and the rooms have been exceptional!

In the bathroom I found a card on top of what very obviously was a rag with which to clean the bike, shoes or whatever else and the card had this little poem on it:

A Ragged Tale

I once was a fluffy linen
Hung with pride for you to see
Then one day I was misused
And now a rag is all I can be

I may be old and tattered now
But I am clean as you see
If you use me for the dirty jobs
I can save my linen family

I’m good for shining shoes
Windshields, spots and messes,
makeup and anything else you
might need me for.

Please don’t hesitate to dial 0 if you need more!

What a sweet touch!!

The room itself was a treat too.  Another well appointed and very thoughtfully laid out room.
Extra wall plugs that are very accessible, a beautiful bathroom with an ironing board, iron, night light, hair dryer and soap, shampoo and conditioner.

A great unit contained the microwave and fridge, water and ice bucket with glasses.
Patio doors and parking right outside those doors let you feel like you were at a resort not in a hotel/motel.

Back side
the "Back side" of our room...

The bed was comfortable - different from the other two locations, a little firmer, but surprisingly I had an incredibly good sleep on it.

One thing I truly appreciated was the desk like table and the office style chair to sit in - when you do as much computer work as I do, that is super important!

Again, this is a place where staff makes a big difference. Friendly, polite and helpful!

The continental breakfast that is served has such a nice variety of things to choose from that there is something to appeal to everyone.
Breakfast area
The Breakfast area - oh and complimentary coffee, tea and hot chocolate are available 24/7 - with FRESH Creamer! The Real STUFF!!!!

After a fabulous nights sleep, we woke to gorgeous, brilliant sunshine. We got over to the Days Inn for breakfast at 7 AM and the opportunity to speak to 40 members of the National Motorcycle Ride For Dad 10th Anniversary Ride Across Canada about the work they do and how much I appreciate it and F.I.R.R.E. - it looks like we will be garnering some new members for our cause - especially in Manitoba as Kirk has expressed great interest in what we do!

Breakfast with the MRFD Crew!
Breakfast with the MRFD Crew!
Hubby and I with Wayne Rostad & Bertha the Bu
Hubby and I with Wayne Rostad & Bertha the Bu
Myself with Byron on the right and Garry Janz
Myself with Byron on the right and Garry Janz on the left
The MRFD heading to Winnipeg

Hubby and I took a boot around town - what a pretty, pretty place - I haven't been here since I was 12 or so and I forgot just how gorgeous it is here.

If you find yourself in Kenora for a trip or vacation - consider staying at the Comfort Inn - I have had such a great experience here and so highly recommend them! Make sure you tell them that BDB Sent you!

Comfort Inn Kenora
1230 Hwy 17 East
Kenora ON P9N 1L9
(807) 468-8845
Fax: (807) 468-1588

So far we have touched about 70 riders on our trip and really we are just beginning so I feel very grateful. Tonight when we get in to Thunder Bay we get to talk to members of the Ontario Retreads and ride with them on their Wednesday Night ride! I am so totally stoked!

Until tomorrow - ride safe!

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