Monday, August 23, 2010

Sault Ste Marie to North Bay - Days 6 & 7

Hubby and I arrived in to Sault Ste Marie after a 700 KM day in the saddle that was absolutely perfect riding. I even sort of got my new Hero Go Pro Camera figured out - now I just need to learn how to edit all of the film I have!

Any way - we stopped at BP for some supper, called the hotel to let them know we had arrived but were just eating first. The gal at the hotel was incredibly friendly on the phone.

When we were done eating we rode the block over to the hotel and this same gal who was so cheerful on the phone greeted us with a teasing comment" So, you didn't get enough protein on the road today - you actually had to stop and eat"...well hubby and I both cracked up laughing - what a character!

The service in this location was above and beyond! Again - a comfortable be, nice room and great patio doors that make hauling tour packs and bags into the room a dream.
Comfort Inn Sault Ste Marie
Comfort Inn Sault Ste Marie
Comfort Inn Sault Ste Marie
333 Great Northern Road
Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6B 4Z8
(705) 759-8000

If you decide to stop here for the night - please use your BDB Card and tell them that Belt Drive Betty sent you to take advantage of the special pricing for riders!

We took advantage of our morning and what was to be a nice light day of riding in over cast but dry weather and we toured some of the Soo.

We went to the water front and watched a ship come in through the locks, took in the Algoma Art Gallery and the Sault Ste Marie Museum.
The old power plant - at the time it was built it was the largest power generation station in the world.
A beautiful Water Fountain in the harbour
 makes for an interesting back drop
Art Gallery of Algoma
ship that has just come through the locks
A ship that has just come through the locks

Algoma Blue is the name of the Steel Sculpture that graces the yard of the Art gallery - it pays tribute to the steel industry of the region. 

One of the galleries was dedicated to eagles and paper art.

Another was dedicated to miniatures of a local gal who designed play sets and costumes.
After the tour of the art gallery and it's grounds we headed over the the museum. The architecture of the building was stunning - it was the original post office before the historic society took it over in 1983...

A lovely older gal made sure we had the pamphlets and information we needed and off we went to explore the three stories of the museum. The manager of the museum - Rick is a rider and apperently the guys in the office seemed to feel he would be disappointed to not meet us! Perhaps on the way back - we shall see.

There is a room dedicated to our troops and the mariners of the region

Another area that is dedicated to the blacks who had been held as slaves - their stories preserved so that those atrocities might never be repeated.
The artifacts on display here are in stunningly good shape and in some cases evoked some great memories.
The wood work in the building was stunning - the craftsmanship of the day made one feel very nostalgic.
The native handi works that were on display - again - incredibly preserved.
A replica and tribute to the Edmond Fitzgerald
A replica and tribute to the Edmond FitzgeraldA replica and tribute to the Edmond Fitzgerald

A whole room devoted to the sports and the sportsmen/women of the region
Next stop - North bay and a meeting with Lou DeVouono of the Hero's Highway Ride and his friend Graham who works very hard for the Wounded Warriors Project and who is himself a veteran.

Until later...ride safe.....

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