Monday, August 23, 2010

North Bay to Ottawa - Day 7 & 8

Our Hotel in North Bay lost our reservation. Even though I had the confirmation number the poor gal at the desk could not find it. I convinced her to perhaps try calling her manager and that phone call quickly erased all challenges!

Comfort Inn
 All of the Comfort Inns & Suites so far have had great tourism racks filled with local information - and they are deeply appreciated by many too!

The Comfort Inn & Suites North Bay
676 Lakeshore Dr.
North Bay ON
(705) 494-9444

While we were waiting to check in Lou DeVouno of the Hero's Highway Ride and his friend Graham walked up! Hugs and more hugs - we all got checked in, unloaded the bikes and promptly went to eat.

We ate at the East Side Marios - what a fabulous meal and the service was even better!
The company was fantastic and Lou and I were able to catch up on each other's news.

We headed to the rooms and I got some work done...the next morning we woke up to English Sunshine! The ride to Ottawa that should have taken about 4 and a half hours took 8. Twice we had to pull off at a restaurant to wait things out - at times there were rivers of water running down the highway. Lou was riding his new Victory - which he adores and his friend Graham was riding a Heritage Softail that he bought from Classy Chassis & Cycle.

an interesting sticker
Outside of our hotel we were treated to an interesting sticker on a guys car
We were also treated to a pair of raccoons - cute but viscous and rotten little creatures that get into everything...
Sadly - for some strange reason none of the pictures we took of Lou, Graham or our really, really wet ride to Ottawa turned out...I am hoping the when I can talk to Lou he will have some pictures he can share with me! Technology - you gotta love it!

Next stop - Ottawa...ride safe

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