Friday, September 16, 2011

Barrie to Ottawa - Day 22

At breakfast I was asked if I heard the fire alarm or the thunderstorm and nope – I had not!

Heather in the breakfast room asked me about my bike and chatted with me about riding and made sure I knew that wipe down rags and buckets were available. 

Wenda with the wicked sense of humour!
She also served up bacon, sausage and cheese omelettes along with the usual fare of yogurt, fruit, waffles, coffee and juice and Wenda on the front counter, well she was a doll – she had me in stitches with her sense of humour but more importantly she was extremely efficient and friendly on that front counter!   
John, the maintenance guy was up and at em early changing bulbs and fixing the little things that break down over time – he keeps this place perking along and seems well loved by his colleagues.  Then there was Don, the guy who checked us in the night before. 

John and Nancy
John and Nancy
He was so sweet and again, had a great sense of humour but was very efficient too. I can’t thank him enough for making sure we knew about the parking of our bikes under the canopy, breaky time and all of the wonderful amenities along of the hotel served up with quips about offering us wipe down rags but then looking at the rain and laughing saying he didn’t think we really needed them just yet!

Mellissa is the housekeeper on my floor and she does a fantastic job of keeping the rooms she is assigned to very clean and tidy. In a busy hotel that is no small job!
The Hotel Lobby
The lobby is so warm and inviting and the chairs, well you sink right in to them

I had the deep pleasure of meeting Nancy O’Halloran, the regional sales manager for Pacrim Hospitality and the hotel’s Manager Mirka Rollason – these two very dynamic women were an absolute pleasure to talk to. Nancy took me for a tour of the hotel and showed me all of its rooms – each nicer than the last. 
Big Bedroom Area

The Jacuzzi Suite was amazing – next time, that’s the room I want to book!   
The hotel boasts a great meeting/reception room along with an exercise room, pool and hot tub. The parking lot is perfect for a show ‘n’ shine and both Mirka and Nancy would like to have groups that want to do charity fundraisers and ride nights take advantage of their facility.
meeting/reception room
meeting/reception room
Hotel's Outside view
If any of you riding clubs are interested in taking them up on the idea – give them a call and check out the place – it’s in a great location and has lots to offer!

Super 8 Barrie
441 Bryne Drive
Barrie ON L4N 6C8
Latitude: 44.3358319
Longitude: -79.6905132
PH: (705) 814-8888
Toll Free: 1-866-867-6070
Fax: (705) 814-8889
Web Site:

On to Ottawa...

On this day I was supposed be riding with Jason and Christine from Rider’s Quest Magazine out of Peterborough. Sadly for me they could not meet me, they had an opportunity to be on local TV and needed to take it, plus they had the chance to sell some advertising for their magazine and needed to meet with a client – good for them!

I road the route I was supposed to ride with them – one they had sent me. I was wonderful – and although the weather very overcast, my German riding companion, Michael and I never got rained on. I had my Froggs Toggs on, but never got to give them any kind of real work out.

The road that Jason and Christine had mapped out was a wonderful ride, hilly and curvy, lots of trees and streams; it was the long sweet way to Ottawa and I know that both Ratman and I enjoyed the road!  We went through small communities like Gooderham, Bancroft and Denbigh. Visit Riders Quest Magazine’s web site to see what other Ontario Rides they recommend!

Lots of trees and streams

I arrived at my room at the Comfort Inn West Kanata at about supper time.
That smile...makes you feel soooo welcome!
I was checked in and given the biggest smile and low down on the amenities of the hotel and then headed to unpack the bike. I needed to get some laundry done and this location has a small and much appreciated laundry room. I went back to the front desk and picked up some soap and some fabric softener which are complimentary when you use the laundry room facilities!  

I headed back to my room and proceeded to start the copying process from my three cameras and their memory chips. A good night’s sleep was on the agenda!

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