Friday, September 16, 2011

A Day in Thunder Bay – Day 19

Day 19 of the Share the Road, Share the Ride 2011 Conga...
I got up bright an early – NOT, I actually slept in until about 6:30 AM and got some writing done before calling Vi who was going to pick me up for breakfast. We were meeting Gary, Howard and Sirpa at the Hoito Restaurant for Finnish Pancakes.

The Hoito
The Hoito

The Hoito Restaurant has a remarkable history and its beginnings are very interesting!

 In 1909 the Finnish bush workers came up with an idea – when they would come out of their camp at Kallio’s near Nipigon. When these men would come to the city they could find rooms but nowhere to eat a meal for a decent and fair price. These men formed a committee to raise money – they bought land and built The Hoito Restuarant - Hoito means Care in Finnish.
We shared a fantastic meal that was abundant, flavourful and served up with a smile and cost about half of what it would anywhere else!

Check the Hoito out on their web site:  or better yet – stop in and really check them out!

After breakfast Vi and I walked down to Do or Dye Hair and Tattoo where I finally met our Rider Friendly partner Jamie. 
Rider Friendly partner Jamie
Jamie of Do or Dye
Bright and clean, this salon is staffed by riders who know how to care for hair!

What a great salon this rider owns! Bright and clean on both side the hair salon and the tattoo studio.  After a great conversation with Jamie it was agreed that he would come to my hotel later in the evening and give me a hair cut!
If you live in the Thunder Bay area or are passing through and in need of getting your ears lowered or for you ladies a cut and color etc – give this shop a try – they are talented and professional!

Do or Dye Hair Salon
216 Bay St Unit 3
Thunder Bay ON P7B 1R2
Latitude: 48.4297958
Longitude: -89.2250064
PH: (807) 345-6366

The Armoury
The Armoury

Vi and I left and toured Thunder Bay. She took me to see the armoury and some of the old churches and grand old buildings in town – yes I am certifiable for old architecture!

A Magnificent Fountain
The waterfront

We drove all over the down town core and after the tour I headed back to my room to get some more work done. Dave was coming by with his Gold Wing to pick me up.

We rode out to Kakabeka Falls – me riding pillion and snapping some photos of the drive. When we got there Vi poured us a cool beverage and I pitched in what little she would let me to help with dinner.  A good feed of pickerel, corn on the cob, potatoes and salad were on the menu!  Before supper Dave agreed to film a motorcycle awareness commercial using his family to drive home the point that we riders are people with loved ones and deserve to have the road shared with us so that we too can get home in one piece to see our loved ones!
The beautiful drive to Dave and Vi's offered some wonderful shots
The beautiful drive to Dave and Vi's offered some wonderful shots

He was nervous but he did it and I am so thankful to him for having the courage – and I want to thank his grandchildren and daughter and of course his lovely wife Vi for being extras!

Dennis and Nikki
Dennis and Nikki
We were joined by a fellow member of the Superior Riders – Dennis Frederickson and his dog – Nikki. Nikki is an avid rider and Dennis loves having the companionship on his Bergman – he has really bad knees and had to give up the touring bike in favour of this new ride and is very happy that he has. 

Another night was coming to a close – Dave and Vi took me back to the hotel with promises of emails and calls to come. I was sad to have the visit end and yet was really looking forward to my hair cut!

At about 10:30, Jamie and his wife Amanda who is a new rider showed up – Jamie with scissors in hand!  The photo we took after wards did not turn out well, but suffice it to say I am WELL pleased!

Jamie taught me a trick about looking after longer hair when you ride – to keep it tangle free – after you have shampooed and conditioned your hair and towelled it dry, take about the size of a dime of conditioner and work it into your hair like mousse and guess what – your tangles are reduced immensely!

I saw Jamie and Amanda off and headed for bed – a big day on the road lays ahead….

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