Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thunder Bay to Winnipeg, the senic route

I left Thunder Bay nice and early. I wanted to get in to Winnipeg at a decent time but I also wanted to see something different too. I wanted to ride a different road than Highway 17.

The weather was beautiful and I had decided I was going to get to my destination via Mom’s Choice Highway – Highway 11. 

What a beautiful road! I took some video which later on this fall I will begin to edit and post here as well as on BDB TV and on the Great Canadian Day Rides Web Site.

I was glad that I had decided to take Highway 11 after I encountered a driver from Manitoba who decided the speed in a construction zone was not to his liking. I wanted out of the rat race – that’s for sure!

The MOM’s Highway is named so because it links Manitoba, Ontario and Minnesota. It also has the distinction of being part of Younge Street in Toronto and its claim to fame is that it is the longest street in the world! The highway starts on Younge, goes north through North Bay, up through New Liskeard, down to Thunder Bay and over to Fort Francis. From Fort Francis you can either dip down into International Falls and on to Winnipeg or you can turn north again and head up highway 71 to Kenora…guess which route I took!

I stopped in at Atikokan; the name drew me off the highway into the town. 
The name in Ojibwe means Cariboo.

I took some video of this little town. It has a huge recreational area and is known as the Canoe Capital of Canada. After a ride through town it was back out to the highway to continue my journey.

I stopped at some road side turn outs to take in the view, and had lunch in Fort Frances.  Cameras rolling, I headed to Nestor Falls.  Highway 71, like highway 11 had little traffic on it which made riding so pleasurable.
headed to Nestor Falls

The road is windy, not twisty, but so pretty.  As you get close to Nestor Falls, the lakes become more frequent and the scenery becomes amazing. I got off the bike at Nestor Falls and walked down to the river to go see them. They are small but lovely.
There is a nice picnic area where you can eat lunch or a snack and just sit in relative peace.
Nestor Falls
Nestor Falls
 Nestor Falls is located on the eastern shore of Lake of the Woods on Sabaskong Bay and is a popular place for fishing.

The rest of the ride to Kenora was peaceful, serene and a delight for the senses. As I said, the lakes, the hills and curves make for a soul reviving ride. I passed by Rushing River thinking to myself, one day soon I want to come back here.

After a brief fuel stop it was off to Winnipeg.