Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dryden and the Comfort Inn

After leaving the Thunder Bay area we headed off to our next stop - Dryden. It was to be a reasonably leisurely ride as it is only  about 4 and a half hours. Mark and I both had Busters BBQ on the brain.

Problem was, neither of us could remember exactly where on the highway it was.
We road through the cool mid morning air and enjoyed the varied scenery. From small lakes to rock faces and trees it is very different from Grande Prairie AB and we were drinking in the differences.

We got into the pulp mill town of Dryden and were both seriously disappointed as we had not seen the BBQ place that we had both fallen so much in love with.

We checked in to the Comfort Inn and asked the young gal at the desk for information on laundry facilities and where we would find Buster's BBQ - she was off a wee bit as she told us that Vermillion Bay was 25 KM or so away when it really is 40 but none the less both hubby and I were salivating at the thought of some of that incredible blueberry BBQ sauce.
Young Gal at Comfort Inn
Lady at Comfort Inn

We rode down town to the laundromat and got some clothes cleaned and hubby did a bit of banking. The smell from the Domtar pulp mill was something I am not sure I could get used to.
City of Dryden
City of Dryden is located on the Wabigoon Lake
The City of Dryden is located on the Wabigoon Lake which feeds the Wabigoon River. The lake is world renowned for its fishing (Walleye, Northern Pike, Muskie and Smallmouth Bass) and Dryden was also home to the Canadian Masters Windsurfing Association Championships in August! The region is comprise of some 9 lakes covering 56,000 acres!
Max the Moose stands watch over his domain - Dryden!

OK - Clothes clean, bellies now need to be fed. It was cool with a pretty good wind.
I chose to ride on the back of hubby's bike - I wear braces on both feet and my ankles were bleeding from the chaffing that happens from the braces rubbing up and down on the ankle as you walk so I wanted to give them a break by not having to wear them for a few hours. As we got to west side of Vermillion Bay we caught a whiff of the good food that was awaiting us. I could tell that I was not alone in my desire to tie in to some good BBQ - Hubby was giving me the thumbs up sign!
I love this Inukshuk - I think it honors the history of the area peoples beautifully.
Buster's is filled with a ton of humorous signs and pictures to take in while you wait for your food.
Buster's BBQ

Buster's BBQ sauce is an award winning blueberry sauce that plays on the palette! I had the 1/4 chicken and hubby had the wrap - we both came away stuffed and there was even enough left overs for a snack at the room. We picked up some sauce and rub for thank you gifts (and ourselves) and headed back to the hotel.

I want to say how pleased I was with the Dryden Comfort Inn. Like the rest before it, the amenities were consistent - the 24 hour coffee with real cream was appreciated by both hubby and I as was the continental breakfast. The hotel was clean and comfortable and the staff were helpful and friendly.

If you find yourself in the Dryden area remember that besides beautiful riding and scenery, if you are into other recreations this area has some world renowned fishing and is known for its wind surfing.

The Comfort Inn can be your home away from home while you are in the region and make sure you tell them that you want their Rider Friendly Discount and that Belt Drive Betty sent you...

Comfort Inn Dryden
522 Government Rd
Dryden ON P8N 2P5
Fax: 807-223-5627

Until later - ride safe..........

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