Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Road between North Bay & Sault Ste Marie...

The trip across Canada that we recently under took to promote the Foundation for Injured Riders, Rights & Education was accomplished in 34 days - round trip (We took in 8 provinces out of the 10 provinces and 3 territories that comprise Canada). Hardly gives one the time to truly take in all that this magnificent country we call Canada has to offer the touring rider....

Each province and I do mean each province of this magnificent country could use a month for exploration to do them any kind of justice.

North Bay & Sault Ste Marie
The road between North Bay & Sault Ste Marie offer up some incredible sights - the Great Lake - Superior ensures it!
So many incredible adventures await you in Ontario and one of them takes place between North Bay and the "Soo". A member of Belt Drive Betty dot Com had posted one of his favourite day rides as being the one called the Deer Trail Touring Loop.

He described so many attractions that are possible to visit in this loop and while I did not get the chance to actually experience it, I did get to know a lot more about the loop and the various attractions within the loop. We stopped in at the visitor centre to learn more - I WILL be doing this loop and sooner than later!

Deer Statues at Visitor area
One of the many Deer Statues that adore the Visitor Centre Area
Deer Trail Touring Route
The sign at the Centre that shows you all of the attractions and points of interest along the Deer Trail Touring Route
In all this one route contains 16 attractions and points of interest. As I said, we did not have the time to do all that we wanted but we sure identified things we are coming back to do!

We stopped in at Bruce Mines Marina - I really wanted to know why TJ recommended this place and why so many riders stop there. It didn't take much to figure that out once there.

view from the deck is fabulous
View from the deck is fabulous
view from the deck is fabulous
View from the deck is fabulous
The restaurant there has a great menu, the service is decent and the view from the deck is fabulous. I took a walk down to the Marina as you can see from these pictures - the place is beautiful!

Canada Geese and Seagulls seem to love the place...
It also appears that punch buggies like to come here!

Yes - our Canada has a lot to offer folks and if you haven't experienced it then may I highly recommend it - the diversity, the magnificence and splendour - they are bountiful!
There are so many places in Ontario that are on my bucket list - and I intend to visit as many of them as possible in the years to come...

Until later - ride safe..............

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